You have private health insurance and have not heard back about a claim you have handed in? Here are the three reasons why!

You've been reimbursed without realizing it

More information is needed

Processing takes up to three weeks

You've been reimbursed without realizing it

If you have opted for full private insurance coverage with 0€ deductible, a monthly bonus is automatically paid to your bank account to cover smaller claims. If all the claims you have handed in so far are less than the bonus you receive per year, there will not be a separate payout and the claim(s) will be settled through the monthly bonuses. So, how much do you receive?

  • Basic long-term coverage: 30€ / month or 360€ / year

  • Premium long-term coverage (purchased before August 2022): 60€ / month or 720€ / year

  • Premium long-term coverage (purchased after August 2022): 100€ / month or 1,200€ / year

Example: You're covered under basic private health insurance. Recently, you went to a dental cleaning for 90€. Since you receive a bonus of €360 per year, the dental cleaning is covered through the bonuses and there is no extra payout.

More information is needed

Sometimes, additional information is needed to process a claim. Luckily, you are informed about this automatically.

If you have never received a letter from the provider, claims information is automatically uploaded to your Feather account. Our team usually reaches out automatically, if more information about a claim is needed.

If you receive letters from the provider, chances are that there is a claims information among them. We recommend to check the recent letters - you are welcome to upload a picture of them and our team will check what information is still needed.

Your claim is still being processed

Usually, it takes up to 3 weeks for claims to be processed by the provider. If it has been more than 3 weeks and none of the mentioned reasons apply, make sure to reach out to us and our team will have a look!

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