If you are planing on moving to Germany to find work, it is important to know that your insurance options will depend on your previous coverage.

The rules are as follows:

I am currently statutory insured in EU/EEA, Switzerland or the UK.

If you are currently insured in one of the above mentioned states, you will have a few options:

1. Stay on your home insurance: If you register with Job Centre as a job seeker, you can stay on your home state insurance for up to 6 months or even longer in certain cases. You would use your EHIC/GHIC or other respective document to have access to healthcare here in Germany. Keep in mind that you would first have to confirm with your home insurance provider if they are going to cover you for this period in Germany.

2. Sign up for public health insurance as a voluntary member: If you are moving your permanent residence to Germany or your home insurance will not cover you for the mentioned period you can access public health system. Once you submit the application, we will get in touch regarding further information needed. This whole process has been eased with the rollout of the EESSI. Public insurance contribution is set to around 18% of your earnings, and if your monthly income is under 1090 EUR you will be paying a minimum fee of around 180 EU per month. It allows for a free coverage of dependents, as explained here.

3. Sign up for expat insurance: If none of the aforementioned options suit your needs, expat health insurance is worth taking a look into. Even though it is more affordable than public or comprehensive private insurance, keep in mind that it is a temporary solution, and provides limited coverage.

I am not currently statutory insured in EU/EEA, Switzerland or the UK.

Sign up for expat insurance: If you are not insured in one of the above mentioned states, and are applying for a job seeking Visa, our expat insurance will be a great option. It provides basic coverage, and meets legal requirements for temporary stays in Germany up to 5 years

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