If you are currently studying in Germany or are preparing to, you probably heard about time limitations to student insurance. This will actually depend on how you are currently insured, so let's explain.

I am covered under my EU/EEA home insurance

If you are coming from a country Germany has a social agreement with and you remained covered under your home insurance nothing will change for you You can stay under your insurance for the whole duration of your studies, regardless of your age. You can even continue your home insurance after your studies if you are going to be searching for job in Germany. For that, you will have to register at the Job Centre as a job seeker.

I am privately insured

If you are on a comprehensive private insurance or Incoming insurance such as our Expat, you can as well stay insured past your 30th birthday. Have in mind that with Expat there is still that 5 year time limitation.

I am covered under student public insurance

If you are covered as a student under public insurance, this is where the mentioned limitation will apply. Your coverage will end automatically as you turn 30 years of age.

But no worries, you will have 2 options going forward:

Continue as a voluntary member: as your student insurance expires, your provider will offer you to become a voluntary member of public insurance. You will have the same broad coverage, but contribution might be quite higher; depending on you earnings. Voluntary insurance contribution is generally set to 18% of your earnings, and if you earn less than 1090 EUR gross per month or do not earn at all, you will be paying a minimum fixed contribution of around 180 EUR per month. Even though it it a bit more expensive, we always recommend this option for two reasons:

  1. You keep your broad coverage

  2. If you need to extend your Visa or apply for job-seeking Visa after studies, public insurance will work the best.

Go with Expat insurance

If you still did not reach your 5 years of stay in Germany, you can pass to Expat insurance. This is an option, however keep in mind we would never recommend this.

Expat insurance is more affordable than voluntary public but it offers a very limited coverage and it might not be sufficient for Visa extension. Another reason is: if you left public insurance you will not be able to access it anymore until you find a regular employment, and become a mandatory member.

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