Minimum Contract Period

The Feather dental plans have a minimum contract period of 12 months (which corresponds with the official start date of your policy). For example, a policy that begins on October 5th, 2022 will complete its minimum contract period on October 4th, 2023. The minimum contract period (or first policy period) is important to understand and here is why…

Cancellation & Your First Policy Period

Within your first policy period:

  • You can cancel the policy immediately and receive a full reimbursement of the premiums you’ve paid into the policy IF you have not received a claim reimbursement and your request to cancel the policy is before the end of the minimum contract period!

  • If you have already received a reimbursement (dental claim payout) and request to cancel within the first policy period, you must wait until the end of the one year minimum contract period to officially cancel the plan...UNLESS you are no longer holding German public health insurance (and can provide proof).

After the minimum contract period:

  • After the minimum contract period you can cancel the policy immediately (regardless if you’ve already received a claim reimbursement).

  • However, a reimbursement of the premiums you’ve paid into the first policy period is no longer possible once you've surpassed the minimum contract period.

Additional Notes

  • Submitting a cost plan (Heil- und Kostenplan) is not considered a claim reimbursement and does not affect your cancellation options.

  • You can request to cancel your dental policy by writing into

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