If you have ever wondered how claims work under your private insurance cover, here is what you need to know! Below, you will find this information:

How do I upload a claim to my Feather account?

Step 1: Log into your Feather Account and click the "My policies" tab

Step 2: Click into your private health policy.

Step 3: Click onto the tab labeled "claims".

Step 4: Follow the directions and upload your claim! Please make sure the images are clear and no pages are missing. Kindly upload the following:

Step 5: You'll then provide details regarding your claim (medication, doctor visit, etc.) as well as the IBAN you'd like the reimbursement sent to.

What documents do I need to upload?

This depends a bit on the type of claim you hand in:

  • Invoice/ receipt (for all claims)

  • Referral from general practitioner (if you got treated by a specialist)

  • Prescription with diagnosis (if you used medication, aids or remedies)

  • Cost plans (if you are planning to undergo a more comprehensive and expensive treatment)

Why have I not received reimbursement yet?

It takes some time for the provider to calculate the correct payout.
If you have been waiting for a couple of weeks already, please contact our team.

The provider might need more information from you to settle the claim.
In this case, you will automatically hear back from our team.

You have opted for full private insurance coverage with 0€ deductible and have been reimbursed without realizing it!
With this coverage, a monthly bonus is automatically paid to your bank account to cover smaller claims. If all the claims you have handed in so far are less than the yearly bonus, there will not be a separate payout and the claim(s) will be settled through the monthly bonuses. So, how much do you receive?

  • Basic long-term coverage: 30€ / month or 360€ / year

  • Premium long-term coverage (purchased before August 2022): 60€ / month or 720€ / year

  • Premium long-term coverage (purchased after August 2022): 100€ / month or 1,200€ / year

So, what if you make no claims? Good news: you simply get to keep the bonus!

When should I pay my claim?

If you have received medical treatment, we highly recommend to pay the claim out of pocket up front to avoid any late payment fees. The health insurance provider will then reimburse you according to your coverage after you have uploaded the claim.

Do I always have to pay my claims out of pocket?

Generally, claims need to be settled by you. However, for a few exceptions the insurance provider directly settles the claim with the doctors that have treated you, instead of just reimbursing you afterward. This is usually the case if you have received a more expensive inpatient treatment at the hospital.

If you expect a very costly claim of more than €1000 for outpatient treatment, we can check with the provider if they can settle it directly. If you want us to check whether this is possible for your claim, please

  • Upload your claim and the prescription to your Feather account

  • Send a message to hello@feather-insurance.com with the subject Private Health Claim

  • Include the name and the address of the doctor/ pharmacy that should be reimbursed directly

It may take a couple of days for the provider to get back to us.

Can I use my coverage right away?

Once your private health insurance is past its start date, you are officially covered. If you hand in any claims within the first few months, it is possible that the insurance provider needs some additional information. Our team will be in touch in this case.

When do I need a referral?

We always recommend to get a referral from your general practitioner before visiting a specialist. Otherwise you risk getting up to 25% less of the cost reimbursed.

Why is that the case? Many treatments can be performed not just by specialists but also by GPs (in Germany, many of them have multiple qualifications). By visiting a (usually more expensive) specialist right away, you might miss out on a less expensive alternative. That is why it can happen that you are only partially reimbursed when there is no referral.

To make sure you get the most out of your reimbursement, you can upload the referral together with the claim and we will take care of it!

If your questions have not been answered above, our team is happy to support you!

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