Private health insurance and its use can be a little confusing, especially if you are new to Germany. So, this article will bring light to these common questions:

Where do I get proof that I´m covered under private health insurance?

The following documents are uploaded automatically to your Feather account once your coverage is confirmed:

  • Confirmation of Coverage

  • Letter for Employer (if you have a German employer): Make sure to forward this letter to your employer to get a part of your cost for health care cost reimbursed.

  • Confirmations of §257 and §61, the tax as well as the policy document and the insurance conditions. This bundle will be uploaded a couple of weeks after the activation of your coverage.

When do I need to make sure that I am not paying too much?

You are new to Germany and have recently taken up new employment.
Very often, your employer will automatically sign you up with public health insurance. You can check this by looking at your first pay slip: if it mentions a contribution under "KV- Beitrag" (statutory health insurance contribution), you have been signed up with public health insurance.

But no worries: simply let them know you are covered under private health insurance (by providing the confirmation in your Feather account) and they will revise this mistake.

You were previously covered under German public health insurance.

Most of the time, public insurance has a cancellation period of up to 3 months, so it´s worth double checking if the period has passed. If not, get in touch with us and we´ll check how we can amend the start date of your private cover!

Do I get a health insurance card?

Generally, the answer is no. You can find more information here.

How does the payment work?

The total monthly cost will be taken as a direct transfer from your bank account. If you are employed, your employer will transfer their portion directly to your bank account after you have provided them the Letter for Employer that is in your Feather account. IMPORTANT: Your insurance payment is not taken directly from your salary like under public health insurance.

How do I upload a claim?

You´ll need to log into your Feather account and click the "My policies" tab. Under your private health policy, you will find a tab labeled "claims" where you can upload your claims. Please make sure the images are clear and no pages are missing. If you have visited a specialist, please also upload the referral (if you have it).

How do claims work?

Before uploading the claim to your Feather account, we highly recommend to pay any claim out of pocket up front to avoid any late payment fees. For larger inpatient treatments or very costly claims, the insurance provider may settle the claim directly without you paying anything out of pocket. If you expect such a claim get in touch with us and we can check the options with you!

You can find more in depth information on claims here.

If your questions have not been answered above, our team is happy to support you!

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