One major benefit of the public insurance scheme is that it allows for free coverage of dependents, if certain conditions are met.

Who can be covered under my policy?

  • Spouse or your civil partner under the Civil Partnership Act

  • Biological and adopted children, up to a certain age limit

  • Children of family-insured children

  • Stepchildren and grandchildren living in the household

  • Foster children, provided they are not being cared for professionally

Children can be dependents to family insurance:

  • Until their 18th birthday

  • If they are not yet employed by their 23rd birthday

  • Or until their 25th birthday if they still go to school, do vocational training without pay, study, or do a voluntary social or ecological year or a youth voluntary service abroad without pay

A spouse or civil partner can be a dependent as long as their income is under €470 per month. Once their income passes that threshold, they have to get their own policy.

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