We´re here to bring light to a common misconception. If you have ever asked yourself whether you need an insurance card for German private health insurance, the answer is generally:

No, you do not need a health insurance card for private health insurance.
While an insurance card is commonly used as prove for coverage when you are under the public health insurance, this works a bit differently for private health insurance. There are a few scenarios where you might want to prove your coverage. Have a look at the scenarios below to see what you can do!

My visa appointment is coming up. How do I prove that I have health insurance?

If you are covered with Feather, you can simply use the "Confirmation of Coverage" or the "document bundle" from your Feather account. Both are sufficient proof and accepted by the authorities when you apply for a visa.

If you applied to private health insurance prior to July 2022, you have received the document bundle in physical form via post.

I need a medical appointment. How do I prove that I have health insurance?

Once again, you can use the "Confirmation of Coverage" from your Feather account. For the most part, however, not even this is necessary. You can simply let them know that you are covered under private health insurance with Hallesche and the doctors will take care of you.

I am pregnant and my doctors keep asking me about my insurance card.

If you are pregnant, you will most likely go to a lot of different check-ups and preventative appointments to ensure your baby is healthy. This often means that you receive a lot of bills for the treatments. If your doctor keeps asking for a medical card when you are showing up to the pregnancy check-ups, they are most likely trying to directly bill the health insurance provider. Talk to the Feather team if this is your case and we will help you find a solution!

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