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You stayed on your EHIC (European health insurance card) throughout your studies

If you opted out of statutory student health insurance and used your EHIC during your studies, you can use it for at least another 6 months during your job search. To take advantage of this option, you’ll need to go to the Job Center and register as a job seeker. While it doesn’t entitle you to job benefits, it does give you the opportunity to stay insured on your EHIC.

You have a private (Incoming) insurance

If you had private (incoming / expat) health insurance while studying, it’s most likely limited to 5 years. As long as you are within this 5-year period, it generally meets the requirements for a job-seeking visa. Just be aware that the job-seeking visa for students is 18 months, and if your expat health insurance expires before this visa ends, it’s almost impossible to use it.

You are statutory insured as a student

Your student statutory insurance will expire either when you complete your studies or when you reach the age of 30. You can, however, continue as a voluntary member; to do so, contact your insurance provider (Krankenkasse).

Keep in mind that you will be paying a different amount for your voluntary insurance. This amount can vary depending on how much income you have while looking for a job (in 2022, this amount is anywhere from €166.69 to €735.30, but most recent graduates tend to pay around €180 to €200).

Important note:

1. We recommend that you stay on your public health insurance after graduating, if possible. If you graduate and you switch to private health insurance (incoming or expat health insurance), you will be removed from the public healthcare system. It can be very difficult to get back into public healthcare, so we always recommend thoroughly thinking about if private is right for you before switching.

2. If you do decide to opt-out and get private health insurance, you’ll only be able to switch back to public insurance if you have a working contract for more than €520 per month. This would make your participation in the public healthcare system compulsory.

Working as a part-time employee (not working student)

If you work during your final year of studies (at least a year), earn more than €520 per month, and have a regular working contract with your employer, you may be able to register for unemployment benefits. In that case, the Job Center would cover the cost of your insurance for a set period of time.

Please keep in mind that this does not apply to working student contracts or mini jobs.

For more information, please reach out to the Job Center

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