Will my therapy be covered by private health insurance?

In this FAQ, we’ll talk about when private health insurance in Germany covers psychotherapy, when it most likely won’t, and what you can expect.

You are about to purchase private health insurance? Here's what you need to know!

If you have been to psychotherapy in the past, your coverage may change

Now that you’re applying for private health insurance, you’ll need to answer a series of questions about your medical history. If you have been to psychotherapy in the past, it’s important to note that this will be considered a pre-existing condition. Because pre-existing conditions sometimes either lead to higher premiums, coverage exclusions, or a denial of coverage, your coverage may be personalized once you have handed in the application.

It is not possible to give general guidelines on this as each case is treated individually, and our advice is tailored to each person. We recommend booking a call with our team to discuss the best solutions Germany has to offer for your personal demands.

Why can't I just withhold this information in the application?

We strongly advise against withholding information on any medical condition in the application.
Insurance providers often communicate with your doctors about health conditions when you make a claim. If it turns out that information has been withheld about a pre-existing condition, the coverage is canceled immediately. This means you’ll be without healthcare and switching to another provider will be extremely difficult.

Getting your final plan and coverage details

There are two possible outcomes of the application process. If you can be covered without changes to the initial offer, your private health insurance plan will be activated automatically within a couple of days.

If changes need to be made due to preexisting conditions, you’ll receive your new proposed coverage details. At this point, the Feather Team will provide you with step-by-step instructions and guide you through activating your coverage. You’ll need to sign off on the new policy information to accept any coverage changes.

What happens if psychotherapy isn’t covered or I am denied?

If you are not satisfied with the offer, you’re able to keep your current health insurance coverage. If you’ve been denied coverage, we offer a free additional service to check for alternatives to see if you could receive coverage from other providers.

You are covered under private health insurance and want to start with psychotherapy? Here's how!

It’s important to remember that any major treatment (i.e., psychotherapy for depression or surgery for thrombosis) can lead to your private health insurance provider requesting more information from you, your former doctors, and your current doctors. This generally happens for claims made early on during your insurance coverage and is a legal requirement. If this happens, our team will guide you through each step of the process.

1. Get a referral from your general practitioner (Hausarzt)

This is required before booking your appointment with the therapist, so your insurance provider can reimburse you. Afterwards, feel free to book the appointment if your therapist is located in Germany.

2. If your therapist is located outside of Germany...

We will occasionally cover therapists located abroad, but you’ll need to send us a cost plan via the chat along with the name, address, type of therapy, and the referral from your general practitioner before you make the appointment.

After you submit the information about your therapist abroad, your private health insurance provider will perform a check to validate that the therapist’s credentials meet German-approved therapy standards. You’ll then receive a notification letting you know if your therapy will be covered or not. This may take a couple of weeks.

Check out our plans below to see how much coverage they offer for psychotherapy

Please note again: the mentioned coverage may change based on the individual medical history.

  • Private light standard: Not covered
    This private light tariff is available, if you are in Germany for a maximum of 5 years and have a non-European citizenship.

  • Private light premium: 25 sessions annually.
    This private light tariff is available, if you are in Germany for a maximum of 5 years and have a non-European citizenship.

  • Private standard: Up to 75% coverage for 50 sessions annually.

  • Private premium (purchased before July 2022): Up to 80% coverage for unlimited sessions annually.
    You can switch to our new full premium plan by contacting our customer support team.

  • Private premium (for plans purchased in July 2022 or later): Up to 90% coverage for unlimited sessions annually.

Good to know: The trial sessions with psychotherapists while you decide on your final therapist are included in the mentioned sessions.

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