Great Question! First, we always recommend paying your invoices out of pocket and then submitting the itemised receipt as a claim in your Feather account. Waiting to pay your invoices may put you in danger of receiving a Mahnung, or a payment warning, which could result in late fees.

When you receive an invoice from your dentist, you generally have 14 days to settle the bill. On your invoice, you will see something called a reference number. Similar to when you’re buying something from Zalando, Douglas, or other online retailers, a reference number is assigned to your specific invoice in order to keep track of it. The dentist does the same thing with invoices so it’s important to include this reference number when paying your dentist or else they will not be able to link your payment with the invoice.

When submitting your claim to Feather, you have the option of choosing what bank account receives the reimbursement. Please always add your personal IBAN, that way Feather can reimburse you directly and allow you to include the reference number when you settle your bill with your dentist.

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