A deductible is the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before your legal insurance kicks in. If you have not held Legal Insurance in Germany in the past 5 years, the deductible for your first year of coverage will be €300.

Remember, this is not payable on telephone consultations with a legal expert, which are unlimited and without a deductible. You can request a telephone consultation in your Feather account.

If at some stage you make a claim that requires the insurance to pay out, your deductible will increase to €500. As time passes, and you don’t make any claims on your insurance, your deductible will reduce by €100 each claim-free insurance year until it is €0.

Previous Legal Insurance

If you have held legal insurance in Germany previously, you start with a deductible of between €0 and €300 depending on the contractual term of your previous legal insurance policy. Your claims history will also be taken into account when calculating this deductible, so be sure to answer the sign-up questions relating to previous claims with care.

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