Yes, our expat health insurance will cover some dental treatment!

Basic plan

On the basic plan, you can receive coverage of up to €500 for pain-relieving restorative dentistry including simple fillings and repairs of existing dentures as long as this treatment is performed or prescribed by a dentist. Please note that this applies to new dental issues that occurred after purchasing your insurance and not pre-existing issues. It does not include check ups or dental cleanings.

Premium plan

On our premium plan, you can receive coverage up to €1000 for the previously mentioned issues.

Additionally, after you have been on the premium plan for at least 6 months, then you also receive the further coverage benefits of:

  • €200 for check-ups per year

  • €100 for dental cleanings per year

  • Dentures at 80% of the reimbursable invoice amount per insurance year, up to €1,250

If you would like to sign up for expat health insurance or learn more about what each policy includes, you can do so by clicking the link here.

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