Here are some important things to know about eligibility for expat health insurance in Germany:

  • If you’ve recently relocated to Germany and are looking for your first health insurance plan, you're eligible for expat health insurance.

  • You can use your expat insurance in Germany for up to 5 years from your arrival date. After this time, you must upgrade to full public or private health insurance if you plan to continue living in Germany.

  • If you have German citizenship, but have never lived in Germany, you can still use expat insurance while staying in Germany temporarily.

Please note that expat health insurance is not a replacement for German statutory or German private health insurance. If you are moving to Germany permanently to make Germany your main residence you should signup for public or private health insurance as soon as possible.

Who isn't eligible for expat health insurance?

  • People who are employed with a German company and earn over €520 per month

  • People who have lived in Germany for over 5 years

  • People 75 years of age and over

  • People with pre-existing conditions where the cost of treatment relating to these conditions exceeds €416.66 per month

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