There are many ways of determining the amount of cover you need, but as a basic rule: Any insurance is better than none if you need it.

Method 1: The basic one

If you just want cover for peace of mind for your loved ones, in most cases 3x-5x your annual salary (before taxes) is enough money to cover all basic expenses for a couple of years and will allow them to recover from their loss and be able to move on in life.

Method 2: The detailed one

If you want to dive into more detail, then you can break up these typical components, and decide yourself how much cover you want per component. If you're not the sole earner in your family usually somewhere near the lower amount is fine, if you are the sole earner, or you want to be on the really safe side, you should orient yourself on the upper amount.


Lower amount

Upper amount


75% of mortgage cost

100% of mortgage cost


10k per child per year until child is 18

20k per child per year until child is 25


3x your yearly salary before taxes

5x your yearly salary before taxes

Any debt you might have



From the sum here you can subtract any savings you have and any other life insurance sum you have.

Method 3: The custom one

If you're having trouble you can speak to one of our experts and see how other people in exactly your situation decide, as well as hear how an expert thinks about your situation.

Our goal is never to make the decision for you, but rather to give you the information so you can make a well informed decision yourself.

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