Generally speaking, most regular dental procedures including cleanings, fillings, x-rays, and repairs are covered by your Feather Dental Insurance. However, for more advanced or invasive procedures, it's better to check with us ahead of time just to make sure that your treatment is covered. Here is the main reason why:

Maximum Allowable Fee Schedule

Unfortunately, there are some dentists out there who will charge unsuspecting customers more than what is considered the 'acceptable rate.' In these cases, the dentist has raised the treatment rate beyond 3.5 times the normal rate. Feather Dental already includes a high acceptable fee schedule at 3.5x, but the policy will not pay more than this rate, so it's always better to check with us before your planned procedure.

So how can you check to see if your planned dental procedure will be covered?

Easy, simply ask your dentist for a "Kostenvoranschlag." This is simply a full-detailed scope of the planned treatment including all prices and treatment rates listed. Your dentist should know exactly what you mean when you request it and she/he will print it up for you.

After you've received it, upload a scanned copy or a high-quality photo directly through your Feather account. Once received, our experts will be able to tell you whether or not your planned treatment is covered and if so, by how much.

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