Before we start: Some people just want peace of mind. Then go with a 0 deductible plan.

There is a slight difference if you're a freelancer or employed, as the extra cost of lowering the deductible is split with your employer, but the deductible you pay out of pocket is paid by you 100%.

If you don't want to dive into detail: As a freelancer go with the maximum deductible. As an employee go with the minimum deductible.


If you're a freelancer, you have to pay 100% of the cost of insurance yourself. Usually a higher deductible makes more sense in this case. In the worst case a 1200 Euro deductible per year means an extra 100 Euros per month (1200 Euros divided by 12 months). Now if the 0 deductible plan costs 250 Euros, and the 1200 Euro deductible plan costs 350 Euros fox example... you should always go with the 1200 Euro plan!


Worst case monthly cost

Best case monthly cost

Basic with 0 Deductible



Basic with 1200 Deductible

250 + 100 = 350


You can get a super quick quote here and do the maths above. If you want to go into even more detail get a call with us - you can book one right after the quote screen.

*We simplified a bit to help you understand how to think about the deductible: You also get a 30 Euros no claims bonus on the 0 deductible plan per claims free month - this would reduce the cost to 320 in the best case.


If you're an employee, it costs a bit extra to lower the deductible, but your employer covers 50% of the cost of lowering the deductible. The worst case scenario of claiming the maximum amount costs you 100 Euros per month. Let's take the same total cost as above of 250 and 350 Euros for the 0 and 1200 Euro deductible. Your employer pays half, making that 125 and 175 respectively. But the cost of the deductible you pay 100% yourself. That leads to:


Worst case monthly cost

Best case monthly cost

Basic with 0 deductible

350 / 2 = 175

350 / 2 - 30* = 145

Basic with 1200 deductible

250 / 2 + 100 = 225

250 / 2 = 125

You can see that you pay between 145-175 yourself no matter what you claim on the 0 deductible plan. If you have a deductible you pay between 125-225. In the best case you save 20 Euros per month, in the worst case you lose 50 per month.

*The 30 Euros no claims bonus make this a really amazing plan if you're an employee. You don't claim anything - you get the bonus. You claim something - you're 100% covered.

Get a quick quote here and do the maths yourself.

Things we ignored

For each claims free year you also get an additional cash back on all plans. This doesn't change which plan is most effective for you, but is nice to know!

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