Are you interested in Legal Insurance? Here's how it works:

Sign up for Legal Insurance

You can do so here. After you've signed up for Legal Insurance, we'll send you your policy details along with your policy number. You'll be able to access these anytime by logging into your Feather account. Now you can be rest assured that you're covered for all legal disputes that may arise in the future.*

Submit a claim

If a matter arises which requires you to seek legal counsel or advice, you will need to first submit a claim. Here's how you can submit a claim:

  • Sign in to your Feather account by clicking here.

  • Navigate to your "My Policies" page

  • Select "Legal Insurance"

  • Select "Make a claim"

  • Describe your situation or legal matter

  • Give your phone number

  • Submit

Next steps

After you've submitted a claim, a legal expert will get in touch with you via phone to hear more about your legal issue and to recommend the next steps. Since every legal matter differs in nature, we cannot give a generalization of what precisely the next steps will be. Here are some examples of what might be an outcome:

  • A claim involving a dispute with a landlord might require a strongly-worded legal document which can be written up by a lawyer and provided to you.

  • A wrongful job termination may require initial legal counsel, lawyer, and court fees.

  • A claim involving tax or traffic penalties may require legal counsel and a thorough investigation in order to reduce fines and penalties.

No matter the claim, our Legal Insurance team will be in touch to help you each and every step of the way.

*One important thing to note: Legal Insurance can only help you for unforeseen legal issues which arise in the future. In other words, If you are currently in the middle of an ongoing legal dispute or if you are looking for coverage because an issue has already arisen, then taking out Legal Insurance at this point cannot help you.

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