As we age, the tendency to have issues with our teeth increases. So how does this affect Feather Dental Insurance plans over time?

For our Basic plan, which covers general dental treatments (such as fillings or dental cleanings), the price does not change as you age. The policy pricing remains static at €9 per month from the age of 21 onward.

For our Advanced plan, which also covers tooth replacement procedures, such as dental prostheses or bridges, the premium price increases every 10 years. For a detailed breakdown of how the price changes over time, please see the table below.





€ 15*

€ 16


€ 9

€ 16.10


€ 9

€ 25.80


€ 9

€ 34.10


€ 9

€ 46.50


€ 9

€ 54.70

These price increases are due to the fact that tooth replacement treatments can get extremely costly. In fact, it's not uncommon for these procedures to cost several thousand euros. We want to make sure that our Dental Insurance is affordable for everyone no matter their current life situation. That means we are offering low costs to younger persons who are at the beginning of their work-life and rising premium costs to those who are in a high-risk age group.

*And if you're wondering why Basic is more expensive for our youngest customer group, here's why:

Our Basic plan includes orthodontics coverage (e.g. braces and retainers) for anyone 20 years old or younger. For anyone over the age of 21, orthodontics is only covered in medically necessary cases, such as after a serious accident that caused damage to the teeth.

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