Are you starting a job and your employer is asking you for your SVNR number? Well, if you don't speak German and you don't know what Sozialversicherungsnummer means, then you might be completely lost.

So, what's a Sozialversicherungsnummer?

Fortunately, it's not that difficult. Your Sozialversicherungsnummer (SVNR) is your German pension number. Everyone in Germany who is employed needs an SVNR. This number keeps track of what your employer is paying into your pension. This number is unique and will stay with you for all your life.

Anytime you start a new job, your employer will ask you for this number. You may not be able to start at your new company until you give them your SVNR.

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How do I get my SVNR?

Usually, people get their SVNR automatically when they sign up for public health insurance. But if you're signing up for private insurance, then the system is a little different. You or your employer will have to request the SVNR.

Even Mini Jobbers who choose to pay into pension insurance can get an SVNR by requesting it through the pension institution. We help you get one below.

Luckily, if you’re signing up for private insurance, we’ve simplified this step for you. Use the link below to request your SVNR. Your SVNR will be sent to you by post at your registered address. Please note that this can take up to 2 weeks.

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