How much do German employers pay towards private health insurance?

Employees receive contributions from their German employers for both their private health insurance and mandatory nursing care insurance. The contribution is limited to the maximum contribution employers are required to pay towards public health insurance. The employer contribution is usually 50% of the monthly cost, unless the private health plan or mandatory nursing care cover is more expensive than public insurance.

In 2021*, the maximum employer contribution for health insurance per month is €384.58, and the maximum contribution for mandatory nursing care insurance is €73.77.

*Please note: these sums are subject to change annually.

Employer contributions for private health insurance add-ons

Employers can also contribute towards add-ons like sick pay or the option to upgrade the insurance later if the maximum contribution towards health insurance has not been reached. Not all add-ons are eligible for an employer contribution though. Travel insurance add-ons, for example, are usually not eligible for an employer contribution.

Family members

If the monthly cost for private health insurance and mandatory nursing care insurance is less than the maximum public insurance contribution, the employer will contribute towards the cost of private health insurance for non-working dependents (spouses or children). The aforementioned maximum amounts apply.

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