What is a copay?

A copay is the amount you must pay per insured event, not per claim. There can be several claims made for a single insured event (for more information, see the example below).

An insured event can be something like pneumonia (for Expat health insurance).

Example: Kevin has pneumonia and goes to the doctor. He gets the bill, submits the receipt online and pays a €25 copay. Because his doctor wants to see him again shortly, he already has another appointment scheduled.

Because Kevin's pneumonia is only one insured event as it is the same sickness, he does not have to pay a copay for the second appointment.

If Kevin were still sick for the third or even fourth appointment, this would still be considered the same insured event, so he would not need to pay a copay for his pneumonia-related appointments.

If, however, Kevin had to see a doctor because he broke his arm between his pneumonia appointments, this would be considered a different insured event, and he would need to pay another copay for his doctor’s appointment for the broken arm, but not for the next pneumonia appointment.

How does my expat health insurance copay work?

Each time you make a claim with your Expat health insurance for an insured event, you agree to pay a €25 copay toward your reimbursement.

Example: Let’s use Kevin again from the example above. Kevin decides that he wants to learn how to cook, but accidentally cuts himself when trying to get the seed out of an avocado. Medical professionals call this “avocado hand.”

He goes to the hospital to get stitches and submits his claim for €300 for the insured event (his cut hand).

When he gets the direct deposit back, he’ll expect to get €275 back. He eventually goes back to get the stitches removed and is charged €150. He’ll actually get €150 back because he already paid the copay for the insured event when he got the stitches.

Who receives the copay?

This copay is submitted directly to the insurer. Feather does not receive any portion of your copay.

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