Sometimes a private health insurance company will turn down an application for financial, residence status, or health reasons. The options you have next are as follows:

A. Go with public health insurance. If you get turned down and can go with public health insurance, this is usually the best option.

B. Go with expat health insurance. This is only a temporary solution but means you have health insurance. Note that there is a maximum of five years you can be on this policy before you need to go with one of the other options in this FAQ.

C. Try a different provider. Depending on what the reason was you can try signing up with a different provider. Book an appointment below to see if that is possible in your case.

D. Sign up for the Basistarif. We only recommend this in extreme situations. This is incredibly basic cover (much worse than public health insurance) that comes at a really high price (the maximum possible price of public health insurance). Book an appointment below to get help with this option, and we can explore if maybe one of the other options is possible before resorting to this one.

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