In order to enrol in a German university, you must sign up for Health Insurance. If you're a student who has moved to Germany from another country in the European Union, then there are two ways of getting covered.

Method 1: Request an exemption and use your EHIC card issued to you by your home country's public health fund

This method is recommended for anyone who doesn't intend on remaining in Germany after their studies. Since conditions vary from country to country, we recommend that you first speak to your home insurer, to make sure they will cover you for the duration of your studies in Germany. If that is the case, and you want to stay on your home insurance and use your EHIC during your studies, your university will require a proof of your home insurance as a part of enrolment process. You cannot provide it yourself, it is not going to be accepted by the university. Only public providers can provide the insurance status to universities, using the method designated for that called SMV (M10 Meldung). We are not a public provider, so how to do it? You can find more info in this article.

If you want to work during studies, you will most probably have to switch to a German insurance. You can find more info in this article.

Method 2: Sign up for public health insurance in Germany

If you moved your permanent residence to Germany, or you want to start working right away while studying, you will have to sign up for German health insurance from the start. So if that is the case, you should click here to apply. Keep in mind that you are only eligible for German student public health insurance if you are under 30 years old.

If you are above 30 years old at the time of signing up, you can still stay on your home insurance by following the above mentioned method, or sign up for our Expat health insurance. Keep in mind that an exemption letter could, in both cases, still be required by the university. You can find more info in this article.

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