Before cancelling, please keep in mind: You're legally required to have health insurance in Germany. So to cancel your expat health insurance policy, you'll need to have another kind of health insurance. This may be a public health policy through one of the Krankenkassen or a private plan.

If you are staying in Germany, you must have health insurance—except in rare cases, living in Germany without health insurance is illegal. So in order to cancel your policy you need to fit into one of these categories:

  • You are covered as a dependent: either as a spouse by your partner's insurance  or as a child by your parents' insurance. 

  • You are covered by a public plan after taking up employment. If you're earning over around €5000/month (before taxes) you'll also be able to choose private insurance.

  • You are covered by the government due to disability. 

If these apply to you, then you can cancel your expat insurance plan.

How to cancel

Cancelling your policy is easy. Just log in to your Feather Account and click the "Cancel" button.

Want to know more about your health insurance options? Learn about them here.

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