So, you're a freelancer from the EU and you want to join the public health system in Germany? Well, this may serve as your first lesson in German bureaucracy: there's a form for that.

Here are the steps you'll need to follow to join TK or another public insurance provider. Please be aware that you'll need to do this within three months of arriving in Germany. If you wait any longer, you risk being denied coverage—so act fast!

1. Apply for TK

Simply go through our easy sign-up process here:

2. Obtain an "E-104" form from your previous healthcare provider

Don't know what an E-104 is? Find out more here

3. Submit your E-104 to Feather

Once the E-104 is filled out, send it to or upload it into your Feather profile. We'll make sure that everything is correct and then attach it to your application to be sent off to TK. 

4. Receive TK confirmation

Congratulations—you're now on public health insurance!

Coming from the UK? You'll need to follow a different procedure. Find out about it here.

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