Are you a freelancer from outside the EU? Are you having difficulty signing up for public insurance? Well, if you're an artist or publicist, the KSK might just be your way into the public system. Once you're accepted by the KSK, you'll be able to officially register with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and other public insurers. Read on to learn more.

Don't know what the KSK is? Learn about it here.

How to apply for TK as an artist:

  1. Apply for the Public health care Membership as an artist through TK.

  2. Receive temporary TK Membership confirmation - pending your KSK confirmation

  3. Sign up for the KSK Membership

  4. Receive KSK confirmation

  5. Hand in KSK confirmation to TK, finally confirming your TK membership

1. Apply for the TK membership as an artist

When beginning your KSK application, it's always best start with the TK application. You need to hand in a "temporary confirmation" from TK in order to submit your KSK application. We can fast-track your application and get you the confirmation letter you need here. Send the form below to You can also send this document to TK directly if you wish. If you need help filling it out click here.

2. Receive temporary TK membership confirmation

You should get the temporary confirmation within a week which will look like this.

3. Sign up for the KSK membership

You can certainly do this on your own, but we wouldn't recommend it unless you're a German bureaucracy pro. (To hire one, simply get in contact with the kind folks at CO-Germany or Expats In Wonderland.)

The pieces you need to collect are the following:

  • Fragebogen zur Prüfung der Versicherungspflicht nach dem Künstlersozialgesetz (link to application, link to help)

  • A copy of your passport

  • Proof of occupation as an artist (sample link)

  • TK initial confirmation letter (from step 2)

  • If applicable: The birth certificate of your child

4. Receive KSK confirmation

Congratulations, the hard bit is done! Receive the document "Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung".

5. Upload "Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung" confirmation to Feather

Simply upload the KSK confirmation to your Feather account and we'll fast-track it to TK. Alternately, you can post the confirmation to TK directly.

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