Who is this guide for?

This guide applies to everyone from the UK who intends to sign up for German health insurance as self-employed, unemployed or otherwise. It is not for those who are employed in Germany, since signing up for health insurance is easy in that case. It also applies to you if you're full-time employed, but over 55 years old.

How to sign up for TK if you come from the NHS

Here's the thing: you can't sign up for the public healthcare in Germany unless you can prove that you were previously covered by public healthcare somewhere in the EU. To prove this most EU countries issue you an E104 form, but since the NHS doesn't offer it you will have to prove your case another way. Keep reading.

The solution

You will need to collect the following two pieces of evidence and send them  hello@getpopsure.com. After we receive them, we'll double check that everything is in order, most importantly that the dates are valid, and we'll send it off for you.

1. Letter from your GP (general practitioner)

TK will accept a letter from your GP, however it must be formatted the following way. Feel free to download our template below, print it and take it to your GP for signing. Important: Be sure that the "finish date" of your NHS coverage (as confirmed by your GP) is exactly one day before the start date of your TK cover. Otherwise you won't be able to join TK.

2. TK application form

Download and complete the attached TK application form. After you're done, please send it along with the letter from your GP to hello@getpopsure.com and we'll get you covered.

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