One of the great things about living in Germany is that if you are covered by public health care, then all of your dependents are covered for free. Signing them up is pretty simple.

Please keep in mind: Dependents are only covered for free if they are not earning an income of more than €450/month. This applies for both spouses and children. 


Update: If you received TK log-in link via post, you can now sign up your dependents super easily by going to the following link:

If you did not receive a link via post, then proceed to the article below.


Here's how it works.

Step 1: Sign up yourself up for TK. You can do this easily and in English here. Keep in mind that you cannot sign up a dependent until after you've been successfully covered by TK.

Step 2: Receive your TK number. If you sign up with us, we send it to you automatically.

Step 3: Download and complete the dependents form.  Click the link below to download the PDF.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The application must be signed, otherwise it will not be processed.
  • The person already insured must be entered in the right corner of the application. See image.

  • If you are insuring you spouse, then a marriage certificate is necessary. Please send a scan or high quality photo
  • A birth certificate is required for insuring children. Please send a scan or high quality photo.
  • For children under 15 years old, a ID photo is not required.

Step 4: Send application and other documents (if necessary)

The last step is to send off all the documents to TK for coverage. We can help do that for you if you send it to If you prefer to send it directly to TK, you can do that here: 

Important: If you need to get coverage for your child or spouse urgently, it is best to go to a local TK office as they will be able to assist you quickly. 

To see an example of an application, click below.

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